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Holey Octahedron

Holey Octahedron custom Rubiks cube type twisty puzzle like Gentoshas Void Cube by Okamoto

I originally designed the Holey Octahedron for casting and it was built from FDM masters by David Calzone. In December 2009, I adapted the design to be suitable for printing in SLS. It features a hollow core mechanism, which is easy to produce but causes the holes to be blocked by the core during turns, so it is not a 100% hollow puzzle.
The puzzle rotates smoothly but assembly is a pain as it is somewhat difficult to insert the screws.

This puzzle can be bought as a DIY kit from my puzzle shop. A DIY kit contains just the 3D printed pieces needed to build the puzzle, you will need to supply your own stickers and screws, springs and washers (usually M3 size). For an additional fee, I can sell you an assembled and stickered puzzle. Contact me at for this service.

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