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SuperX rubikSuperX rubikSuperX rubikSuperX rubik

The SuperX was first made by Adam Cowan in December 2006. However, the puzzle was very squishy and the pieces would get out of alignment often. He later tried to improve upon his design by using ball bearings and while this helped a little, the puzzle was also not stable.
Later, Andrew Cormier designed a more stable variant with a mechanism that was more like a V-Cube. This puzzle also was squishy, and he later designed a version with magnets to help keep the pieces aligned.
Various copies with/without magnets have later been hand built by various builders.

Finally, I have designed a version that does not use magnets but uses a clicking mechanism, like that found on a V-Cube 6 to keep the pieces aligned. While the puzzle does not turn as well as Andrew's copy, it saves on the cost and effort of gluing in magnets (magnets don't really adhere well to superglue so they frequently fall out of the puzzle).
All previous SuperX's have been built by layering a Dino Cube on to a 2x2x2. My version is the first to use a fundamentally different mechanism. It uses the same mechanism as my Dino 3x3x3, which means the pieces are not just supported from the corners but also from the (internal) edges.

This puzzle can be bought as a DIY kit from my puzzle shop. A DIY kit contains just the 3D printed pieces needed to build the puzzle, you will need to supply your own stickers and screws, springs and washers (usually M3 size). I no longer sell assembled puzzles directly.

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